'Vaucelles' The Little Monastery

You can stay one night... You can stay one month...


We are wonderfully situated in the green and open surroundings of Damme. Our view over the countryside is unique.

The history of the property goes far along.  

The land was a gift of Margaretha of Constantinople in 1275.

In the late 16th century a small monastery with about 10 monks was founded depending from the North French Cistercian Fathers abbey 'Vaucelles'.  The main goal of the monks to come here was to build dikes & to protect the land from getting flooded.

Today, the Garnier family turned the property into a magnificent place to stay. The property consists out  of buildings of the 17th, 18th & 19th century, which have al been carefully restored and surrounded by a garden purely designed with lots of boxwood.  The result is very romantic & serene.


'We feel lucky to have the chance to live in a magnificent place called 'Vaucelleshof', where the light is strong and the Flemish country feeling is present'

Brigitte Garnier